The recent European Championships in Amputee Football in Evian were a resounding success, showcasing the remarkable talent and determination of all participating teams.

Rahmi Ozcan scoring in the final

Türkiye emerged victorious once again, securing their third consecutive title in an intense and hard-fought final against Spain. Their consistent performance and unwavering spirit have firmly established them as a powerhouse in amputee football. Congratulations to the Turkish team for this remarkable achievement!

Spain: A Formidable Opponent
Spain’s journey to the final was equally impressive. Their skill, strategy, and tenacity throughout the tournament were commendable, and they provided a challenging and exciting final match against Türkiye.

Marcos De la Pena, spanish captain with silver medal

Poland Secures Third Place
Poland claimed the third place after a decisive victory over England. Their determination and hard work paid off, securing a spot on the podium and demonstrating the depth of talent and competitiveness in European amputee football.

Polish team celebrating with fans

🌍 A Path to the World Cup
A significant highlight of the tournament was the qualification of seven teams for the upcoming World Cup. Germany, Ireland, Italy, England, Poland, Spain and Türkiye – we eagerly anticipate seeing these teams compete on the world stage.

🥅 A Tournament of Goals
This year’s championships saw an impressive total of 191 goals scored, reflecting the offensive talent and exciting play that kept fans on the edge of their seats.

Individual Awards

Turkish star, Ömer Güleryüz scored 16 goals, which not only provided him Best Scorer Title but also MVP of the tournament.
On the other side, Luis Medina from Spain was awarded the Best Goalkeeper Award.