Women’s Training Camp in Belgium

Turkiye, Scotland, England, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Germany…. over 40 talented women from those countries participated in the Women’s Training Camp in Ghent [Belgium].

These remarkable athletes immersed themselves in rigorous training sessions, honing their skills, and pushing their limits under the tutelage of experienced coaches. Beyond the field, they forged friendships, see KAA Gent football stadium and meet players from US who at the same time took part in women’s training camp organised by American Amputee Soccer Association allowing us to connect with their team through interactive online activities.

As the momentum for Women’s Amputee Football continues to surge, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming WAFF World Cup in Colombia this November.

Thank you Amp Football Belgium and Sport Vlaanderen  for great organisation!

📸 Paula Duda

Women’s Training Camp

The Belgian Amputee Football Federation is joining hands with the EAFF (European Amputee Football Federation) to organize a unique training camp for women in the heart of Ghent.

The training camp promises an action-packed schedule spanning two days, filled with training sessions, friendly matches, and various engaging activities. Skilled and experienced coaches will be at the forefront, guiding participants through specialized drills and exercises designed to enhance their football skills and overall fitness.

Amidst the football activities, participants will have the opportunity to explore the enchanting city of Ghent during their free time. Known for its medieval architecture, picturesque canals, and vibrant cultural scene, Ghent offers a perfect backdrop for athletes to unwind and bond. The organizers are keen on fostering a holistic experience, emphasizing not only the development of athletic prowess but also the enrichment of personal experiences.

The organizers extend a warm invitation to newcomers, regardless of their sports background or skill level. The camp is an opportunity for everyone to come together, learn, and grow. It will be a chance to further develop women’s amputee football in Europe. Every federation is welcome to send players.