Nations League – about the project

Nations League is an amputee football competition for all EAFF members.

It was launched to be played in the years where there are no international competitions such as: EAFF European Championships or WAFF World Cup.
The format of the competition is set to be a biennial event. First edition will take place in 2023. The teams are divided into four divisions based on their ranking. Each division consists of 4 or 5 teams, which will play a separate tournament. The hosts of each tournament are designated countries from the divisions which applied to host the event.

In 2023 there are going to be four tournaments:

Division A: Krakow, Poland/ 16-18.06.2023
Division B: Annecy, France/ 8-10.09.2023
Division C: Blankenberge, Belgium/ 6-8.10.2023
Division D: Fife, Scotland/ 27-29.10.2023

The last team in the group will be relegated to lower division, whereas the best team will be promoted to the higher.

The Nations League is also a qualification for the Euro 2024.

Nations League 2023

The Netherlands Emerges as Champions in Division D

Nations League Amputee Football Tournament held in Fife, Scotland, featuring Division D teams from Scotland, The Netherlands, Kosovo, Albania, and Azerbaijan was a remarkable event. Over two action-packed days on the 28th and 29th of October, we witnessed a total of 10 exhilarating matches.

The highlight of the tournament was undoubtedly the remarkable performance of The Netherlands, who emerged as the Division D champions.

Another outstanding outcome of this tournament are the first international matches of the new team from Kosovo and their fellow neighbours from Albania.

Three last spots for the EAFF Euro 2024 were taken by the host – Scotland, Azerbaijan, and The Netherlands.

The event was organised by Scottish Amputee Football Association thanks to great engagement of Iain Matthew and Ashley Reid.

Fair Play: Kosovo
Best Goalkeeper: Mirjon Samadraxha (KOS)
Best Striker: Wesley Van Ingen (NED)
Best Player: Leroy Pelzer (NED)

Georgia’s triumph in Belgium

The Amputee Football Nations League in Blankenberge concluded with Georgia at the top of the podium, showcasing their prowess in amputee football. The Georgian team’s journey to victory was marked by stellar performances throughout the tournament, but it was their exceptional teamwork and unwavering determination that ultimately secured them the championship.

While Georgia emerged as the overall champions, several individual players were recognized for their exceptional contributions to their respective teams. The level was very equal. The winner was only decided in the last match of the tournament.
The host was supported by numerous fans which showed up at every match to cheer for their local heroes.

Best Goalkeeper:  Stijn Chaves Daguilar
Best Player: Ruslan SHAHUMYAN
Best Scorer: Lasha BREGADZE
Fair Play: Ukraine

Italy wins Division B

The Amputee Football Tournament in Haute-Savoie was a remarkable and unforgettable event. The dedication and passion exhibited by all the participating teams were truly inspiring. Every match was a testament to the hard work and determination of the players. The thrilling moments on the field, the skillful displays of teamwork were a joy to witness.

After several exciting matches, Italian national amputee football team ultimately clinched the championship.
German will be relegated to the lower Division, Italy will advance to Division A.


Fair Play: Team Germany
Best goalscorer: Emanuele Padoan
Best goalkeeper: Tommaso Movia
Best player: Paolo Capasso

Nations League kicked off in Krakow

England, Spain, Poland and Turkiye – four teams which participated in the first tournament of the Nations League. Division A consisted of the best teams in Europe according to the ranking from the last AmputeeFootball European Championsips.

The competition was a side event of the European Games Kraków – Małopolska 2023 which has just begun. Each team had a new coach compared to the last international event in which they all took part, World Amputee Football Federation (WAFF) World Cup in 2022. In each match beautiful goles were scored, players were fighting hard for every ball and referees had officiated the games on a very high level. However the winner could be only one.

The trophy goes to England. The event in Krakow was also the last match in the national team for Przemysław Świercz, longtime captain, with 120 matches in the white-red teams’ kit. The huge throng has gathered to see his “Last dance” at Prądniczanka stadium. We hope 3 forthcoming tournaments in France, Belgium and Scotland will be equally successful.


Top Scorers
Two Goals:
David Tweed
Rhyce Ramsden
Muhammet Yeğen
Savaş Kaya

Best player
David Tweed [England]

Best goalkeeper
Thomas Atkinson [England]

Fair Play