New EAFF members

Establishing amputee football associations in all European countries is one of the main long-term goals of the EAFF. Over 5 years of EAFF’s activity we welcomed seven new members: Belgium, Netherlands, Greece, Scotland, Azerbaijan, Israel and Albania.

The EAFF supports new organisation on many levels:

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Introducing amputee football outside Europe

The EAFF formed a partnership with International Commitee of Red Cross (ICRC) and together initiated amputee football activities in Tanzania and Palestine. In both places the trainings with amputee football players as well as training sessions for coaches and refeeres took place. An important part of the project was also supporting process of creating a formal body that could take developing the sport in the future. In a effect Tanzania National Team took part in Amputte Football African Cup 2019 in Angola and amputee football junior from Gaza are invited for the next EAFF Junior Camp that will take place in Ireland in July 2021.